We are a country of immigrants. It is something that none of us should ever lose sight of. Immigrants have always formed a critical part of our national identity and national economy. In the 3rd Congressional District, almost every community relies on immigrants: they are in the fields, in the hotels, on construction sites, and in so many other necessary jobs. The benefits provided by immigrants, both legal and illegal, are numerous. So too are the impacts on health care, education, housing.

Immigration policy has always been difficult. But there are some areas where basic economics and human decency make solutions obvious, as in the case of the Dreamers. These are young men and women who have lived their whole lives here in America, with their only crime being that they were not born on American soil but came to us when they were minors. For so many Dreamers, the United States is their country, and the only home they know. Congress needs to act now to ensure we all get the benefit of having the Dreamers continue to be part of the fabric of our country.