The Issues

Health Care:

There is little question that health care remains a critical issue in rural communities. More about Health Care.


This is a not only a national health care crisis, it is a national emergency. The time to act, and act decisively, is now. More about Opioids.


There was a time when we thought of preservation and conservation as being in opposition to fulfilling our economic destiny in the West. We believed that any limitation or regulation hampered our potential. More on the Environment.


The last few years have seen a shift in our energy economy as we transition to new fuels and new technologies. More about Energy.


We are a country of immigrants. It is something that none of us should ever lose sight of. Immigrants have always formed a critical part of our national identity and national economy. More about Immigration.

Women’s Rights:

With the revelations of October and November 2017, the #metoo hashtag has shone the spotlight how far we still need to go as a society. The question of women’s rights is also a matter of human rights. More on Women’s Rights.


The recent mass shootings have again highlighted a deep cultural divide in our country. As horrific as they are, mass shootings represent a fraction of the total gun deaths in the U.S. More about guns.


The two most impactful policy documents that come out of Congress are the federal budget and the tax code. The first reflects what the federal governments priorities are by how they fund those priorities. More on Taxes.