My Family

My family reflects the complexities of families in America today, representing a wide range of ages, an unconventional structure, and more branches than a Western Slope river during runoff. I am so proud of my family and all they have accomplished, but even more I’m proud of the wonderful and kind people they are. As you get to know me, you will get to know them.

My wife

Not long after my divorce and the loss of both of my parents in the mid-2000s, I met Sheryl Barto. She had grown up on a farm in Pennsylvania, and her father was both a farmer and a veterinarian, with one foot in the agricultural world and one in the professional world — a situation very much like my own. We married in 2011, and began the adventure of parenting a blended family. Sheryl is a firebrand with a business of her own, and was the catalyst for us starting a non-profit that uses horses in therapy for children with autism and veterans with PTSD.

Our kids

James Barto, 23. Graduated Basalt High School in 2012. Driver for Fed Ex Ground.

Mark Barto, 22, ROTC Air Force at Colorado State University, Commissioning as an Air Liaison Officer Select. Graduating in Construction Management, May 2018.

Zoe Hanlon, senior at Roaring Fork High School, graduating May 2018. In the college application process.

Zane Hanlon, 8th grade at Carbondale Community School, going on to Roaring Fork High School next year.

Our four-legged family

Our extended family includes horses, dogs, goats, and rabbits, all of whom have big jobs: reducing stress and anxiety in anyone who has neurosensory issues, including autism, anxiety, ADD, ADHD and PTSD at our non-profit Smiling Goat Ranch.