Karl has been honored to receive the endorsements of numerous local leaders – public lands advocates, local business leaders, progressive activists,  labor leaders and more. Please see below. 

The Pueblo Education Association

Karl Hanlon is the clear choice for us in Colorado’s 3rdCongressional District. Karl’s commitment to public education has been proven time and again, and his actions have spoken volumes about his commitment to students, teachers, parents and the public education system that binds them.

Karl was the only candidate in the field to travel to Pueblo to march alongside us in the picket line. He’s the only candidate in field who has released a detailed plan to support education from the federal level, with a refreshing focus on finding new ways to solve our most pressing issues. In short, Karl has demonstrated a commitment to our values with his actions, rather than just his words.

His dedication and follow through, combined with his background and wide appeal make Karl our clear choice to represent Pueblo, public education, and the entirety of the 3rdCongressional District.

Bernie Buescher, Former Colorado Secretary of State

Growing up on his family’s ranch, working as a Park Ranger on our public lands, putting himself through college and law school, developing policies to protect our water, and assisting municipalities in developing modern infrastructure, Karl Hanlon knows the people and the issues of the Third Congressional District. His background, his passion for helping others, and his commitment to doing the hard work required to win, make Karl our choice in the 3rd CD.
– Bernie Buescher 

Joyce Amico, National Democratic Party Leader

Supporting Karl Hanlon for CD3 is a no-brainer for me!  Washington needs new blood and ideas.  Beyond cooperation, we need a new face for Colorado.   Looking at who Karl is, why Karl is running, and the success of Karl as a Democrat running for this seat, I see no other pathway for a Democrat to win other than voting for Karl Hanlon.

Leadership on the Western Slope must safe guard each and every Colorado resident from poor partisan voting records that continues to roll back our state’s progress.   Supporting Karl Hanlon for U.S. Congress is a clear choice for me.   Karl’s abilities to listen to constituents, to apply his keen sense of cooperation and rightfulness, and his knowledge and direction for our district brings a level of advancement absent of political biases.

Joyce Amico
Leading Fundraising & Political Consultant, Activist, and National Democratic Party Leader

Jeriel Brammeier, Former Chair Mesa County Democrats

I’ve worked 14 elections in Western Colorado and I believe Karl Hanlon can win.

Here in Mesa County, where Tipton gets half his winning votes, we’ve got some work ahead of us. Karl is the kind of candidate that Western Slope voters can relate to. He knows how to speak our language and connect across the aisle. Karl represents the kind of leadership needed to turn this district purple.

-Jeriel Brammeier
Community Organizer, Activist, Leader

Jonathan Houck Endorsement

Jonathan Houck, Gunnison County Commissioner:

The 3rd CD is a vast and diverse district that needs a representative who understands the people’s issues. Karl has the experience, skill and ability to be a strong voice for all of the 3rd. As a former West Slope mayor and current county commissioner , I see Karl’s commitment to working for us all, putting people above politics and understanding the need to be forward thinking as the right mix for the 3rd CD.

– Jonathan Houck, Gunnison County Commissioner

Don Valdez Endorses Karl Hanlon

Donald Valdez, State Representative District 62

I am proud to endorse Karl Hanlon for Congress because he understands the issues and the lives of the people of the San Luis Valley, and Southern Colorado. Like myself, his father fought overseas to protect our freedom. He grew up working with his hands to put food on the table. He put himself through school as a first generation college student to build his American Dream. Colorado needs Karl Hanlon in Congress.

The election will be won because we have a candidate that understands water, understands agriculture, and understands our way of life. Our kids, our lives, and our futures all depend on this election. We have to Topple Tipton this year. Stand with me in voting for Karl.

State Representative Donald Valdez

Veniece Miller endorses Karl Hanlon for Congress

Veniece Miller, Grand Valley Students United Organizer:

I support Karl Hanlon for U.S Congress because we need a representative who will defend our public lands, who will take action in solving our public health crisis, and who will stand up for local farmers and ranchers. We need a candidate who will engage independents, youth, and voters across the aisle. We need a candidate who understands all politics are local, I believe Karl is all these things. I am proud to support a candidate like Karl Hanlon who will ensure we have representation in Washington as Western Colorado residents.

– Veniece Miller
Grand Valley Students United Organizer

Chris Kennedy Endorses Karl Hanlon

Chris Kennedy, Grand Junction City Councilman:

I am proud to endorse Karl Hanlon as the next Congressman for Colorado’s Third Congressional District. It is time for a change in the way we operate in Washington DC, and there is no one better to serve our common interests than Karl, and no time more important to our way of life than right now.

Karl’s background as a park ranger, water lawyer, and rancher gives him the unique ability to understand and solve the full array of issues our district faces. His experience working with legislators at all levels, from city councilors to US Senators, to get things done on the ground will be invaluable in Congress. From his work to bring broadband to Glenwood Springs to his non-profit work assisting veterans with PTSD, Karl’s passion for preserving our communities and growing our economic opportunities will bring the responsive and accountable representation that has been so lacking the last seven years.

Please join me in supporting Karl Hanlon for US Congress. It is our time.

– Chris Kennedy, Grand Junction City Councilman

Sloan Shoemaker endorses Karl Hanlon

Sloan Shoemaker, Executive Director, Wilderness Workshop*:

Western Colorado’s public lands drive our rural economies and define our character. Karl gets it. Whether ranching as a kid, working as a park ranger, hunting, fishing, riding horseback, or fighting to keep our water on the western slope, his whole life has been defined by a relationship to the land. Now more than ever, we need representation in congress with a hands-on understanding of the critical issues facing public lands and the importance of conserving them for current and future generations.

Sloan Shoemaker
Executive Director, Wilderness Workshop*
*affiliation included for identification purposes only, does not imply organizational endorsement

Kelly Flenniken Endorses Karl Hanlon

Kelly Flenniken, President, District 51 Foundation:

I am proud to endorse Karl because I he represents the change we need in Washington, DC. Karl doesn’t shy away from the big, scary issues and he will put the needs of his constituents ahead of those of interests groups to find real solutions for real people. His experience fighting for funding for rural infrastructure projects and working with elected officials and small businesses to develop local economies is key to our district’s economic success. Simply put, we need Karl in Congress.

Kelly Flenniken
President, District 51 Foundation
Former Executive Director, Grand Junction Economic Partnership

Karen Zink Endorses Karl Hanlon

Karen Zink, Women’s Health Advocate:

I appreciate Karl’s values pertaining to children, veterans, health care, preservation of public lands, energy, women’s issues, our economy and stewardship of water. He has the integrity and strength of character to truly represent the 3rd Congressional District in Colorado.

I grew up on a ranch in southwestern Colorado and support electing a person with ranching background who has a proven track record understanding western slope water and preservation of the attributes of rural Colorado.

Karen Zink
Certified Nurse Practitioner, Women’s Health Specialist

Greg Poschman Endorses Karl Hanlon


Greg Poschman, Pitkin County Commissioner

Preserving a high quality of life in a livable environment is my top concern for my family and my community. Karl Hanlon will protect our water, air and public lands throughout the 3d District. He knows the value of hard work and the long-term economic view, whether it be in agriculture, energy, livestock or outdoor recreation. He will show up for us. Karl Hanlon is real Colorado!

Greg Poschman
Pitkin County Commissioner

Rick Baer Endorses Karl Hanlon

Rick Baer, Former Vice President, AFL-CIO:

I want to go on record as endorsing the candidacy of Karl Hanlon for Colorado’s 3rdCongressional District.

Karl is recognized as one of the preeminent water lawyers in Colorado.  His negotiating the Colorado River Cooperative Agreement to secure and protect Western Slope water rights was an arduous process and a tremendous accomplishment. This endeavor demonstrates his ability to work with people with complex and diverse positions, many of them adversarial, to bring about fair and just solutions to thorny problems.   This ability and experience will be an asset for his constituents as he works to defend our public lands, expand our economic opportunities, establish affordable and valued healthcare, make the transition to renewable energy and diversify our rural economies.

I am drawn to supporting Karl because of his genuine concern for the citizens of the 3rdDistrict and his practical approach to listening to all of his constituent’s concerns and not just the concerns of the corporate donors.   As a person that has spent the majority of his working life trying to better the living standards and protecting labor rights of working men and women, diversifying our economy is a high priority issue with me.  The boom and bust cycles we experience in an energy extraction based economy are devastating to families and communities.   These extraction jobs pay well when they are in the boom cycle but the devastation dealt in the bust cycle is inhuman.

Our broken and seemingly unfixable immigration system leaves many hardworking immigrants, that make our economy run and who are trying to better themselves and their families, living in terror.   Families are being disrupted and bigotry is thriving.  In the richest nation in the world this is unacceptable. We need to protect our Dreamers and provide a path to citizenship.  Karl believes this, our present 3rdDistrict Representative does not.

Climate change is no doubt the most threatening problem we on this planet face and our present 3rdDistrict Representative says it’s too divisive to address.  Karl is concerned and believes in science.

The current administration in Washington is waging war on unions and workers rights.  Our current 3rdDistrict Representative is a rubber stamp for Trump. Karl supports workers and workers rights.

Karl is right on our issues, he is electable and will bring back constituent representation to Colorado’s 3rdCongressional District.

– Rick Baer
Rick is the Grand Junction Team Leader of OFA, a Board Member of the Western Colorado Congress, a retired International Representative of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, a former Colorado AFL-CIO Vice President, and a 51 year IBEW Local 969 member.

Sarah Shrader Endorses Karl Hanlon for Congress


Sarah Shrader, Owner & Co-Founder, Bonzai Design:

The Western Slope needs representation in Washington—a person who can fight for the economy and our kids here in Mesa County. Karl Hanlon is so passionate about rural Colorado that he’s running for US Congress. Electing reasonable, thoughtful, and moderate folks into office is the best way to unite our country and make real change—Karl Hanlon is the representation we need.

Sarah Shrader
Owner & Co-Founder Bonsai Design

Jerry Mallet Endorses Karl Hanlon for Congress

Jerry Mallet, President, Colorado Committee of 3 Million:

For over 50 years, I have been involved with the management and protection of Federal public lands as a sportsman, hunter, conservationist and Colorado native. The public lands in the Western states serve the nation and local communities by supporting recreation, wildlife and economies. As an example, Colorado enjoys some $34 billion dollars in state and regional economies. More important, these lands provide the lifestyle that has made Colorado the number one lifestyle state in the U.S.

Karl Hanlon understands these values as a rancher, water lawyer, sportsmen and public lands advocate: no matter if it is National Forest, Bureau of Land management, National Park Service or United Fish and Wildlife Service lands. These public lands are the heartbeat of America and Karl is dedicated to ensuring that they remain in the public domain in the future.

His opponent, Scott Tipton is a strong supporter of selling the Federal public lands in Colorado and in other Western States, with the expressed goal of supporting energy companies at the expense of state, regional and local businesses, economies and the quality of western living that we all enjoy and depend upon.

Jerry Mallet
President, Colorado Committee of 3 Million

Dick Merrit Endorses Karl Hanlon

Lt. Colonel Dick Merrit, USMC (ret.):

I have worked for two years with Karl Hanlon and his wife Sheryl at their Smiling Goat Ranch in Carbondale, providing equine therapy supporting children with autism and veterans suffering from Traumatic Brain Injury and PTSD. Karl is reaching out to veterans to help them heal from the wartime trauma they are experiencing.

I am supporting Karl Hanlon for the 3rd Congressional District for his support for Veterans Rights, fighting the opioid epidemic and protecting our public lands. We veterans fought for our country and are now fighting alongside Karl Hanlon to prevent the sale of the public lands we fought to protect. Vote Karl Hanlon for Congress.

Lt. Colonel Dick Merritt
U.S. Marine Corps (Ret)

Vietnam Veteran
Board of Directors, Huts for Vets
Director, Roaring Fork Veterans History Project

Erica Kitzman Endorses Karl Hanlon

Erica Kitzman, Writer, Researcher & Mental Health Advocate :

I am endorsing Karl Hanlon to serve Colorado as our District 3 U.S. Congressional representative for a several reasons. Karl walks-the-walk of being a responsible community member by running a nonprofit which supports veterans with PTSD and children with Autism. I very much appreciate his support, as a private Colorado citizen himself, for youth suicide prevention efforts.  Finally, as an added bonus to his advocacy on behalf of those in need, he was instrumental in bringing broadband to Glenwood more than ten years ago. Having high speed internet is essential for 21st century business, medical, and clinical competition in rural communities. We need representatives who understand the complexities living on Colorado’s Western Slope. Karl is that person.

Erica Kitzman
Writer, Researcher, Suicide Prevention Advocate

Blanca O'Leary Endorses Karl Hanlon for Congress

Blanca O’Leary, Democratic Leader:


I’m voting for Karl because he knows our district and he will represent us with the competence and compassion we deserve.  It’s time for a change.
– Blanca O’Leary

Gary Thomas Endorses Karl Hanlon

 Gary Thomas, Workers Rights Advocate :

I am pleased to endorse Karl Hanlon to represent Colorado in the Third Congressional District. Although I have only recently had the pleasure of meeting him in person, I have heard many good things about him over the years through family in Glenwood Springs.

One of my personal passions is the need for strong worker rights.   One does not need an economics degree to understand that our economy works best with a strong middle class to make – and buy – the goods and services that we all need and value.  Much of the Third District is rural, and Karl as a rancher clearly understands the issues important to those families.   But what really pleases me is Karl’s sensitivity and openness to understanding the issues of industrial towns like Pueblo and the organized labor that built so much of our country, and from whom we have our tradition of employee benefits and work place safety.

Colorado enjoys a diverse population and a complex economy from agriculture, to tourism, to industry, and to the public and non-profit sectors.  Small wonder that we are frequently cited as one of the best places in America to work, play and retire.  We need and deserve Congressional representation that will understand and meld all those strengths and needs into a successful, prosperous future for us all. Karl Hanlon is the right person for that job.   Please join me in supporting Karl in the caucuses, in the primary, and ultimately on the November ballot.

– Gary Thomas

Susana Wittrock Endorses Karl Hanlon

Susana Wittrock, Migrant Rights Advocate:


Karl’s experience, work-ethic, and willingness to stand up for what’s right will bring a much needed focus to our district.
– Susana Wittrock

Claudette Konola endorses Karl Hanlon

Claudette Konola, Voice of a Progressive:

Karl will bring the much needed support Mesa County has lost in the last decade. We need Karl in Congress to fight for our futures, our rights, and true progress in all 29 counties in CD3.

– Claudette Konola